I'm looking into buying some DVD's for guitar lessons and stuff like that.
In other words, im wondering what you guys would recommend for me to buy.
I have been playing guitar for about a year.
I'm into rock, classic rock, blues (somewhat), and a little bit of metal.
My favorite guitarists are Buckethead, Joe Perry, Glenn Tipton, Paul Gilbert, and David Wilcox.
I posted that information to show what I'm intrested in so recommend some DVD's that would be good for me.
I would say looking on Youtube for free lessons. If you look for a bit you'll find some quality lessons by real guitar teachers, completely free.

There are also some free websites out there though I'm doubious concerning their quality.
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careful with those. some are great, some will make you feel like you started playing yesterday (unless you really did...) i bought peppino d'agostino's DVD and he played everything so quickly and with so little explanation that it made me want to quit.

i second youtube. it might not be the best quality or advice, but it's free!