At the moment I have about $1500 (US) to spend on a guitar. I have been looking at three recently, the Gibson Traditional LP, Gibson SG Standard, and the American VG Strat. The VG is on sale at GC for a grand at the moment.

I played the Traditional LP today and liked the SG and the Strat better after playing them, so as it stands, I've gone to you oh gracious forum dwellers to help me with this dilemma. Also the SG standard is only $1200 from Musician's Friend atm so it falls within my price range .

I play primarily Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton/Cream, Grateful Dead and other classic rock. Thanks for any advice I can get. I'm going back tomorrow to try out the SG vs the Strat one more time.

EDIT: I should also note I already have a Mexican Fat Strat sorry about that
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for Allman Brothers, Cream and the Grateful Dead I'd go SG for that humbucker sound that you'll need
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i'd go with the SG, but that's because I hate the way strats sound. I'm a humbucker man.
the SG sounds better, but it seems like everyone plays the strat. Go sg, you get a pure rock n' roll sound.
you've already got a strat. either sell off your old one and buy a high class one or get the SG.
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Strat mon, they're great, and i've had an SG before, they arent as good imo.
EDIT: Since you have a strat I think the choice is up to whatever you think feels/sounds better, unless you want a new strat.
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I love strats but you can get a new VG strat at my guitar center for 900 bucks...maybe less if you can bargain. That's a great deal for an American Strat with extras. Can't go wrong with either the SG or Strat, it's whichever you prefer or whichever fits your budget.