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I dont think this should go in the "I got tickets for" thread.

But, dont you think prices for tickets are a little ridiculous nowadays? I mean, I was checking out to see if they still had any tickets to go see Metallica with Gojira and Lamb of God and I find out they're like 70 dollars. And those are the crappy seats that are 587486349 feet elevated. Do you think tickets are overpriced?
Might have something to do with all their records getting 'shared' on the net, I dunno.

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depends whose show it is. green day tix are cheap. but then if you look at say.....madonna tix, youd think you were paying for gold
I had 17th row Alice Cooper tickets for $64CDN + tax
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If you want to know what overpriced is really like, come to Australia.
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Ska shows are rarely overpriced. General Admission for Reel Big Fish, The English Beat, The Supervillains, and Groovestain only cost me $23. General Admission for Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, and Tip The Van was $20. Mass Ska Raid (which had 20 bands last year and 16 this year) is only $10. So glad I listen to ska
It's all about who you see and where you see them. A band that puts a lot of money into production is going to be more expensive then a band that just steps on stage and plays. And keep in mind, if a band can consistantly sell out venues at a high ticket price, then they clearly aren't "too high." If you really don't think the show will be worth the money, don't buy the ticket.
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do i wish tickets are cheaper? why of course. Do i mind supporting one of my favorite artists by paying what they ask for to go see their show? no i dont.

the only shows i really go to though are jam bands, the only money they make is off their shows. They dont put out many cds, most of them let fans record their live shows and thats how they get their music circulated. Most dont put out their own merchandise again they allow their fans to make and sell merchandise with their name on it. So if they want $70 for a ticket ill have no complaints with spending $70
Most are, yes, but there are some bands/groups that still charge very good prices. Most of the concerts I've been to recently (or wanted to go to) have been under $25
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Tickets themselves are not too overpriced. The problem is all the extra charges attached to them.
$5.15 - process fee: I could see maybe this in order to pay employees etc. but its still a bit steep.
$7.80 - convenience: Whats convenient is they just made $7.80 extra for doing nothing.
$2.50 - ticketfast: This one burns me up the most. Did they seriously just charge me for printing my tickets with my own ink and paper.

Thats $15.45 right there without even adding the cost of my actual tickets.
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If you want to know what overpriced is really like, come to Australia.

This guy knows it. I'd happily pay $70 to see Metallica and Gojira, only good combinations of bands don't come to Australia, in fact, many artists don't tour here. I'd rather pay for good shows than not see them at all...

And yes, I agree in the sense that tickets for huge bands that easily sell out venues are overpriced. I don't think the price I paid for my Muse tickets is too high, but what I would have paid for Metallica tickets if I was at their show in Oslo yesterday would have been far more.

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I got tickets for Modest Mouse for 30 bucks which I think is really decent.

cool, i just got them for ~45.

My mind is going. I can feel it.
Depends on the show. Some artists like BB King charge $30 for lawn or in-house seats. Then there are people like AC/DC, who I think ticketmaster wanted to make me pay $300 for two meh seats to see at that show I almost went to but due to price decided against.

Personally I blame filesharing myself. After all, it's not like they ever made any money off records anyway, right? Money lost they'd have to recoup with pricier tickets, right? *Raises flameshield*

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Satriani was the best 30 bucks I've ever spent. No more than 10 feet from him.

Now if someone could convince Iron Maiden to lower their prices.
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my parents paid £49 for me to see Queen and Paul Rodgers and i think it was really good but they shouldnt charge that much cos Freddie aint there. i saw Saxon, Danko Jones and Motorhead all in one gig for £30 per ticket which i think is allright
I'm going to say no, because hopefully I'll be putting on big gigs one day, and I'll want to charge as much as I fucking want.
You can still find them cheap if you want to.

Craigslist has some good tix right before the events. I bough Incubus for 40 at Radio City Music Hall in NY, 1st row 2nd mezz

I got coldplay at all points west for 40 dollars
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Satriani was the best 30 bucks I've ever spent. No more than 10 feet from him.

Now if someone could convince Iron Maiden to lower their prices.

Dude, I spent $30 for two tickets and we were tenth row. That was an absolutely amazing show.
Plenty of tickets are decent value.
I've never spent more than £60 or so on a ticket(including booking fee), and since that was for AC/DC at Hampden Park, I consider that well worth it.
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Dude, I spent $30 for two tickets and we were tenth row. That was an absolutely amazing show.

Satriani or Maiden?
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dwelling on past mishaps is for the weak. you must stride into the future, unabashed and prepared to fuck up yet again.
Some of them are. Some of them aren't.

Tickets for stadium shows have been the most expensive.
I've only been to Wembley Stadium and Twickenham, and the tickets for those concerts have ranged from £37.50 for Muse, to £85 for U2.
They have been getting higher and higher though...Muse was the first one in 2007, and U2 is the next one coming up.

Smaller venues for smaller bands with not so high production costs or fancy stage set ups have been reasonably priced...between £15 to £30. I can live with that.

It's the service charges that bug me.
the shows i go to are like $5. saw the hold steady for $30. definitely worth it; especially since my ex paid for them.

and the show i'm playing tonight is only $5 as well. so if anyone in the kentuckiana area isn't busy this evening ...
The tickets themselves aren't terrible, but all the extra service charges are what makes the prices ridiculous.

I bought $50 tickets for Weezer and Blink 182 (which to me is reasonable. that is $25 for each band if you look at it that way), but after all the service charges they were about $65. That is just nuts.

I don't mind local shows though. Most bands at the local music club charge between $10-20. They get some pretty big bands too. I've seen the Bloodhound Gang, Sum 41, and the Bouncing Souls there and they were all under $20.
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if i were in a band, i'd charge loads because i am a money grubbing whore

in other words you're gene simmons? most concerts i look at usualy end up being like 200$ when i have like 50. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.
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If the venue is within reasonable access to me before the concert, I'll go buy the tickets at the venue.
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Be happy that you didn't pay $400 for the worst possible seating in a Jonas Brothers concert.

The good thing about printable tickets is that you can buy the least expensive ones, use them for entry, then have a Photoshopped pair that you can just show to the people guarding the floor or w/e, cuz they don't scan the ticket itself.
yes, in some places. In others it can be very cheap.
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For big bands like Fleetwood Mac, U2, etc yeah, tickets are way overpriced.
Smaller bands like Manchester orchestra will sell tickets for under 20 euro, which is a pretty good deal.
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All depends on the show and the venue. I saw Testament for £17, which I thought was a brilliant deal, but it cost me £30 to see Slayer - who also happened to be terrible live. Even Trivium upstaged them that night.
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