I was shopping around for 4-string single pickup Stingrays today, which I thought were made and distributed my Musicman. I then learned that they were distributed by OLP, so I headed over to the OLP website and found that they're retired

I checked the Musicman site and they have the HH Stingray and the 5-string, but I wanted the 4-string model like Louis Johnson (obviously he used an older model but you know what I mean) and Flea used. Is there any way that I can obtain one without having to search for a used one?
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OLP are the cheaper versions of the Music Man range. Have you tried online shops or your local guitar shops?

Edit: What about this?
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Though they only picture the HH, you can still get a Stingray with a single humbucker.

Check the dealer link on Ernie Ball's MM website; you should be able to bring up a list of dealers in your area of the universe.
While it made me feel like an idiot, your help is much appreciated

Thanks again guys.
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Wrong. It is a Sterling by Musicman. Constructed using the same components as their big brothers, just assembled in Korea. Final inspection/setup is done in the California plant. Same components, just put together more cost efficiently. Many steps above a OLP, a very fair alternative to the USA instruments if price is an issue.
Try another shop, have you been to the Long & McQuade in Ottawa? The one here (Kitchener/Waterloo) has many Stingers in stock. As does a small local shop. You should be able to find one. However it seems the HH is the most common model, they also make a H and an HS. Keep searching man, and buy one! They're amazing.