New song that i came up with, its not done yet but tell me what ya think

We think we're sure of what we know,
we know to think that life's unsure.
We always run toward what's ahead,
never learning from what's behind.
Thought of others is one too much;
here, now, and me is what's enough.

Why do we cry?
Regret and sorrow, too short lived.
Why do we try?
The tale unfolds, it's all the same.
Why do we lie?
Others' thoughts, too much in control.
Why do we die?
We live to die, we die to live.

We need to learn what we cherish,
we cherish what we learn we need.
Lives half-lived, we live for ourselves;
true lives sacrificed for others.
Our call to life, to live it full,
to take the pain and spread the joy