Me and my friend saw these push button at the source, the ones you click and they stay down. We got talking about and was curious if you could have 3 buttons to select pickups, mainly for looks. Is this possible, like solder each wire from the 3 way to the buttons? I highly doubt I would do this just wondering.
Well they have 2 little prongs. I did this with my strat with a killswitch so is it basically wired the same way? Would it affect it if only one prong had a wire on it?
entirely possible.

i've got my strat wired with an on/off [toggle] switch for each pickup. you could do the exact same with latching push buttons

edit: even with just 2 prongs on the switches, it's possible.

each button is essentially a killswitch for the individual pickup it's assigned to
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Absolutely. Some companies use "rocker switches" which are basically just DPDT (I think). There's some good diagrams in the Wiring thread for seperate on/off switches for each pickup.
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