So today i had to get myself out of bed and wanting more sleep get my way to college...

so i pay for a fair few hours parking and wander around college wondering where the hell all my classmates were... after 15 minutes i ring a guy and say? "do we have class today?" he says, "its thursday, we never do"...... FaAAAAaaAaAaaAARRRKK.

i thought it was friday

sooo, this thread isn't just to bore you about my lame story...... "cool story bro"

any interesting stories of when you mixed up your day?
Well one day I woke up thinking it was tuesday. I looked at my clock and it said that it was actually monday. I had nothing planned so I went back to sleep. MLIA
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I SOO cant believe you done that!

...Oh you!
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ever since i got out of high school 3 years ago, the days don't mean anything to me.. then i got a job and i remember what day it is, buit never the number part :/
Okay, I'll contribute.

I woke up one morning terrified because I'd realized that I had a giant test that day, and that I didn't know any of the material that was going to be on it. I ran downstairs, grabbed my textbook, and started studying while I ate a bowl of cereal, dripping a few drops of milk on the pages in the process. After I somewhat ate all of the cereal, I threw the book into my bag, ran upstairs, and took a quick shower so that I could study some more before I had to go walk to the bus stop. I really hate reading on vehicles because it makes me feel nauseous, so I wanted to get in as much study time as possible.

After I threw on the first pair of clothes I found, I noticed that my parents were still asleep. I shook awake my dad and asked him if he wasn't late for work. He yawned, told me it was Saturday, and kicked me out of his room.

...Not a really funny story at all, but at least I contributed.

I can't remember any times where I mixed up days, but I did mix up the time for one of my history finals once. Luckily my professor was a cool guy and let me make it up during one of his other finals.
One time I thought it was Wednesday, but then someone told me that it was Tuesday.

True story bro.
but... but but.... its wednesday....
EDIT: ok, totally beaten to it. but yea, ive done this, many times.
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one time i came into school and it was a delayed opening but i thought it was regular time
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....But it's Wednesday.


My sentiment exactly.

I've woken up before in the middle of the night, thinking it was time for school only to look at the clock and see that it's really only 12:30 AM.
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i keep thinking today is Thursday but its Wednesday.
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