what's are some good electric guitars, amps and amp settings that will get a Jerry-like tone. (obviously, I know this will take some serious work, but I just want get in the right direction)
What Jerry tone are you looking for? Guy went through a ton of sounds and a ton of guitars.

What I typically associate with JG tone is the sound he got on that Europe '72 live album on China Cat Sunflower/I know you Rider, which I believe was a Fender strat into a SF Fender twin with a cab loaded with JBL E120 speakers.

And I honestly cannot tell you how important the JBL speakers are, they are what gives his tone that velvety, midrangy honk rich with harmonics. Duane Allman used similar speakers (D120s) on Live at Fillmore East, and you can hear similar qualities even though Duane uses a les paul into a Marshall. But I'm pretty sure the D120s are alnico and E120s are ceramic, thus the Ds sound a little more compressed and have more of that alnico shimmer (for lack of a better word).

I'm not really any sort of GD expert though, so I might be wrong, but I've seen some videos from that era and he was always using a strat into Fender SF twins, I do know that he had been using those JBLs though, which are very distinctive sounding.

This is the tone I'm talking about in these videos
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOXPVRLpoQA (you can really hear the honk starting at 2:16 when Jer starts his solo, that sound is all JBL)

Here is a Duane clip with similar JBL D120s

You can definitely hear the similarities.
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it really does depend on what era you want. Early on Jerry used many different Les Paul's/SG's with P90s. Mid 70's I believe he switched to Strats, and in the later days I think he started using custom guitars, but I could be wrong.

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Theres more involved then that.

I just meant that jerry' s sound will be hard to replicate.
Alright time to get this topic moving again - I'm trying to figure this one out too. Here's an awesome website with all of his gear history:


And yes the customs were all later but were somewhat based on the strat shape. I'm wondering what type of head/cab setup I could use to get his ton today without breaking bank.

I have a Blackheart BH15 which has a good vintage sound but Jerry has a unique tone. Let me know if you all have any recommendations.
And here's the section I think will interest us within this topic from the above website:

72- cont. Garcia bought the first guitar Doug Irwin ever made for $850 (known as 001) and ordered another one custom-made.

By this point, his silverface Fender Twin amp was already a central part of his sound. He continued to use the preamp from the Fender amp through 1993. From the late '70's to about 1993 he didn't use the power amp & speakers of the Fender, instead using three JBL D120/E120 speakers in a vertical box powered by a McIntosh solid state amp (note that this probably made the power amp Class A, which is not the Class AB power amp that the Fender normally has). It was miked with a Sennheiser 421 mic.