11's seem to be too loose on my guitar, so I want thicker gauges. I've decided to make my own custom set, though i don't want to screw up when deciding the gauges of the strings, especially g to e. I want to be able to do bends, though I would love to have thicker gauges.

So what I've decided so far, is this

B - .60
E - .50
a - .40
d - .30
g - ?
b - ?
e - ?

is it possible to make the a string gauge or the d string gauge a tiny bit thicker, more than just 40 and 30? and also, what strings ( for the g, b and e) would you guys suggest that could still give me good lee way when it comes to bends and such, though are thick enough so they wont be too loose?
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get a set of .12s and just use the top strings?

Yah, strings are cheap, so if you don't like those, use the top set of 13's.
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Well your E string is an E string from an .11s set. So that would need to be thicker then .50. maybe .56. And change all the other's accordingly.
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