Hi, As I posted Yesterday (see below) regarding the bugera 333XL Head, if i end up getting that amp, will i need an overdrive pedal or something? or is the distortion good enough for a band situation on its own?

Hey everyone, need your help,
ok im unsure what to do here, ive currently got a Randall RH-150G3+ Head + Matching Cab, since i got it i havent really been able to find a tone i REALLLLY dig and at band prac im at a loss, now,im at the stage where i need to do something drastic, i had a metalmuff and didnt like it so got a boss metalcore, hated that more, now, im not sure what to do, ive either got the choice here. i can either, buy myself a Hardwire TL-2 Metal Distortion Pedal. for about $215 AUD, or, could sell/trade my amp nd get a cheap tube amp, (bugera 333XL) and keep the cab, which do you think will be more beneficial to me? and how much do you think ill lose on my amp? its about 5 months old perfect cond, retails for about $750 or so for the randall head.
Does your amp distortion sound like tube? I've heard mixed reviews about that head. If its similar to tube distortion, save the amp, and buy an EQ pedal. If your distortion (without pedals) sounds digital, buy a tube amp.

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