Hey just joined and thought I'd upload some of my original songs. They're all Rock/Metal genre. I used FL Studios, Realstrat, Guitar Rig 3, and EZ Drummer to record as I don't have any recording equipment unfortunately. Anyway, go to my profile and check em out. C4C of course.
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I listened to Long Live The King.

It was ok. I liked some of the guitar riffs and bass parts, but most of them didn't sound like they were based around any scales or anything. Same with the solos, just kinda seems like some random notes, no offense or anything. Maybe it's just me. Just keep working at it though, it's a good idea.
Thanks for the critique. Yeah the solos were kinda thrown in for the sake of having solos. All songs are still in demo form, so yeah. As for scales, I follow when I want to, but like to throw in what I want. I don't know want to be limited to what the scale tells me to play for the most part.