This year we didn't have a senior prank, but two years ago this one kid acted alone and picked up a dead deer off the road and stuck it in the roof tiles in our lunch room. The next day people saw blood dripping from the ceiling and it smelled really bad, nevertheless the kid was found out and arrested. I will be a senior next year and i want some good ideas so share interesting/weird/funny senior pranks from your school.

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this year's senior class at my school put some silly string on a few vending machines.
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I already mentioned this in the Shocking School Stories thread but I feel it belongs here too.

The senior prank this year at my school was done in the front entrance, where people said the school sucks by writing it all over the front door with ketchup, drawing penises on the outer walls and TPing the front shrubs and trees. It was quite epic.
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All the seniors did this year was drive in their cars around the school and honk like crazy.

Veeery annoying.

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