Say I was to make a shoop thread of my band. Would I be allowed to just link to the band's MySpace and tell the Pit to use any pics from there, or would that be considered advertising my band?
Sounds like shameless advertising regardless.
(unless you have a blatantly good picture worthy of a shoop)
If significant lawlz come with it, and you word it correctly, it should go down fine. just dont say

If it is for promotional purposes, then do it in PYB and you can link as much as you'd like.

If it's in the Pit kindly do not link directly to your band. That is blatant advertising. Also, do we not already have a 'shoop' thread? If you just want some images done then I don't see the need for a whole new thread when you can post your pictures in a thread full of regular and experienced 'shoopers' and get it done there.