Hey everyone! I'm new here! Well I decided as a project for the summer I'm going to start to build a guitar. I decided (For simplicity's sake and cost.) that I'd start with an acoustic. I found a nice and cheap kit (Which is just what I want so I am able to make some screw ups.). This guitar is gonna be a fun project and mainly cosmetic. Something nice to hang up in my room. It's going to be themed and in tribute to my favorite band, Aerosmith! (Who i saw 2 weeks ago w/ ZZ Top!) Well this looks great, I've done research, I know what tools I need ect; It's just I want the headstock to be a Gibson style one. I'm planning on just trimming the neck that the kit comes with. Now I HAVE used the search bar and I checked Google but just can't find plans or a template for a gibson style headstock. I was wondering if anyone has a template they could post? I could tape it on and trim it. Or maybe if someone w/ a guitar that has that style could draw up a template? If anyone could post one it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! (Also any starting advice is welcome!
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I have a LP neck template, not sure if Metalwarrior40 wants me to give them out.
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The template I sent you, I believe you have to use 200% scaling or something like that, Search for the thread called "Ultimate templates thread" and it has the instructions in it.
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I decided (For simplicity's sake and cost.) that I'd start with an acoustic.

Anybody miss this bit?

Just for your information Sir, an Acoustic build...kit or no kit, is harder than a solid body electric, by quite some way.

Most guitar builders start with a solid electric and work their way up to an acoustic, not the other way around.

Not that there is anything wrong with what you are doing, I applaud it and look forward to seeing the project develop, so lot's of pics on here please dude
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Anybody miss this bit?

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