I posted this on the reaper forums but i have a feeling ill get a faster response here.

Ok so i recorded a cover today and i was going to export it to send it to a friend and i listened to the WAV file and all it was was really glitchy sounding noise. Any tips on how to get the files to export properly? All my WAV files in the reaper folder sound like that now but it still sounds fine on the reaper project file and files that were outside of the reaper folder. I exported it to a different folder to see if it would work but it still had that glitchy sound. The only thing i think that might have caused this is i accidentally rendered the project before consolidating the tracks. Now im consolidating before rendering but it still sounds all glitchy. all of my projects export all glitchy now. Help?

When i export tracks out of reaper they sound really glitchy. Any Advice?
Any master effects you're using that might be masking problems,but aren't rendered? What settings are you using to render? (at least 16 bit 44.1kHz I hope).
Nope, FX, 24 bit 44.1 kHz.

This happens in every different project i do now. All my WAV files in the REAPER folder are just white noise, ones that were working before.