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Jennifer Tilly does have a pretty cool voice. It's like a smoker's voice, but surprisingly still sexy, and I HATE raspy voices usually.

My vote goes to Zooey D. though. When she sings, oh man...
i will say Angela Gossow
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the hottest voice is those ones on the midnight adds where they ask you to text 'hot' to 191 000 :P:

no the hottest voice is some chick at school I really don't think any celebrities sound hot
Warrel Dane. 'nuff said.
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i will say Angela Gossow

okay, if i ever had an absolute favorite band it would be arch enemy, but angela isn't that hot.
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DAVE MUSTAINE, obviously.

Obviously, but Cristina's voice is still hot.

Megadeth re-did A Tout Le Monde a couple years ago with her. So double the sexiness.
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Isla Fisher. Australian accent are the hottest.

Agreed with a caveat, because there are others that are equally as hot
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As usual Natrone's mouth spouts general win.

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man, Natrone you're some kind of ninja I swear

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I love that remake

I know, man. I actually didn't like Lacuna Coil or her before that (I was so ignorant, I actually though chicks couldn't do metal )

But then I was like
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I think Uffie has a pretty hot voice.

But that's probably only because she sounds like a horny 10 year old.
Semi-related there's this girl at my work who's got the cutest voice ever. Then you see her and she's some over-weight (not too fat I suppose) Middle Eastern woman with greasy hair and a moustache.
Isabella Valentine...

the lady from the Jackpot thing.

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Jenna Fischer. She can make her voice sound pretty sexxxxxy

Also this.
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Isabella Valentine...

the lady from the Jackpot thing.

That too.
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