I was looking up head Crusher covers... and i thought i could do better... so i thought i'd post one. NO TABS.

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Dude, turn down the Megadeth and turn up your amp. I can't hear your guitar at all.

Normally when I see someone say "NO TABS" I dive for cover! You have really made me rethink that practice.

Very good rendition, sounds almost exact! I like your tone, very nice and very heavy, as befitting a Megadeth song. There are a few places where your guitar is off, but I can't really criticize as I couldn't do a better job without using tabs.

You seem to really get into the song as well, mouthing "Headcrusher" which makes the performance all the more enjoyable.

Good cover!

Check mine out if you want: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1159813
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