I'm just starting out with this home recording stuff so I'm not really sure how things work. I bought a Line 6 POD UX2 recently and it came Ableton Live and all that smazz. Using a few tutorials it came with I think I got prefrences set up so I can actually play something on guitar and have the program recognize I'm playing something.

Problem I've come across though is that the volume seems really low, and I'm not sure what's up. I've tried recording something on guitar and used one of those special effects the program comes with and the special effects seem much louder.

I took a picture of the volume frequency thingy, and I'm pretty sure it's not suppose to look like that.

ok that IS extremely low.
Make sure your gitar is going through an amp, to the box, to your comp. Turn the volume up on your amp. You can usually un plug the speakers in your amp so you won't blow the roof off. Also, on your little box, you should be able to turn up the sensitivity.

Along with Ableton you can use Cool Edit Pro. In ableton wehen you select a clip you can click 'edit' down the bottoom. If you have Cool Edit Pro enabled there, you can amplify it some more.

I reccomend just turning your amp up and making sure all plugs are secure
When you're recording you will probably need the volume way higher than you'd normally have it, since full volume doesn't mean "loud", it means "the full dynamic range of the instrument". For example when playing keyboards with headphones I have the volume set 30-40, but when recording it's set at the maximum 128 (when I first tried it with headphones it defaulted to full volume and an overdriven sound and I nearly broke the headphones )
Hmm.. I think it's properly set up in regards cables and cords. I don't think you need an amp though.. I've seen a video of someone- and he's actualy the guy that inspired me into this and it was pretty clear he only needed 3 plugs- the USB plug, another plug into speakers or headphones, and the plug into the guitar. Later in the video he demonstrated the program a little and I noticed his frequency volume thingy was normal compared to mine.

How would I go about changing the volume? I'm looking around here and I can't find anything. I have the guitars volume knob on high of course, and knobs on the UX2 are all set on high too, although I don't think they don't have anything to do with the volume except the headphones knob.
ok, are the left and right outputs plugged into the line in of your computer?
that sometimes helps.
I think if you have an amp, you should try plugging your guitar into that, then run a lead from the line-out (or sometimes its the head-phones or rec-out) to your UX2. Then make sure the USB is going to your comp.
Have all volumes (except directly on your guitar) at medium. The first volume to fiddle with is the amp. Try to avoid moderating your volume via the UX2.
In Ableton, there is also a 'preferances' window.
driver type should be ASIO
audio device should be your UX2
input config: both options should be highlighted

what are you using? vista, xp, mac?
vista have some strange things going on with their sound options. if you're using XP that should all be fine. Mac, I have no idea.
could the input he is using be set to line level? I don't have the pod... but on most interfaces inputs can be set to var levels. If ableton thinks it is getting +4 and the pod is putting out -10 that would dromp the volume.