Hey UG.

I just finished this song, and there's no bridge or final structure (as of yet), but I want to know what people think about what I do already have. Also, I'm having a little trouble with a title.

Verse 1:
She yearns for the things she has,
things that she wants to lose
Close your eyes, and make a wish,
And things are as good as new
God knows and you deny
Everything you might come by
Life will give you both pleasure and pain
But you'll take one, and think it the same

Verse 2:
She's made peace with herself, long before
slipping back to war
She's tried and won everything she's ever wanted
But then why is she so bored?
Looking for a long lost lover, one that she's
never had before
Living on the prayer that he'll sweep her away,
and pierce her with the arrow, to her very core

Verse 3:
She's running from the things she loves
to avoid, what she hates
Using her so called innocence
to put her above the human race
She's never fought a battle, no,
but she's won every war
So girl stop your crying, you can't...
Live like this no more!

We've all lost, and we've all gained
Stayed in when there's sun, and danced when theres rain
Now you know it doesn't take much to pass the blame
But girl, you ain't no princess
Although you sure do play the game

By the way, the song is about narcissistic and greedy individuals. It has nothing to do with a specific girl.