Hey, first time posting in the Original Recordings area. I've been playing for about and a year and a half at this point, and I've been recording for far less. Though I have a ton of stuff recorded I've never been able to complete a full song as of yet. I keep sending things to friends and I get some good reviews, and some bad critique. That is to say I usually get something along the lines of "Hey, that was cool." When I'm looking for some real, harsh, constructive criticism. Hopefully I can find that here. I play mostly metal/rock.


That's the only thing I have uploaded to my profile yet. Never mind the retarded name, it has no meaning to the song. It's only guitars at the moment. I also only have a slight idea what I am doing with it. Some parts I feel drag on at times while at other times I feel the same parts are fine. This is true with most of my stuff. This, like all my stuff, was recorded through my Schecter Damien 6 playing into a Line 6 Spider 3 15 with, here's the kicker, a Rock Band microphone. So don't expect top notch quality or production.
I just don't think I'm confident in writing yet, and I won't be until I know how I'm doing so far, I think. So please, be truthful, be harsh, be in depth and give me tips on what to do next/how to do things better.

Thanks, Brian.
i agree with your own thoughts you seem to know what u need to work on or change. its kinda a funny im the same way ive recorded tons but cant finish a thing and i do the same thing same amp same guitar but i use a guitar hero mic lol.
First thing none of it sounds bad, so thats a good thing. It reminds me I of what I used to play/write. I think the most important thing to do if you want to write music is to firstly listen to a lot of music, and, secondly, try to broaden what music you listen too.

Also try to deconstruct all music you hear, whether its a Britney Spears song or a Chopin piece, try to recognise parterns in the way relative parts (eg harmony melody), react with each other.

Lastly, this one you might not like, is to learn music theory. If I use the cliched analogy of painting to composing: You would be able to put what you see in your mind into a picture unless you knew basic things like blue and yellow make green. While this is an extreme simplification it applies pertanently to music. If you understand that intervals such as a minor second, minor seventh sound dissonent (i.e clash with each other) then your abilty to play what you imagine in your head will increase exponsialy. Even musicians that havent learned theory understand this on some level, it probably took them a lot longer than it would have had they learned theory though.

One thing I found helpful when composing is also to try and avoid guitar bias, instead of focusing on what you can play with a guitar you should try and imagine a sound then work out how to play it on the guitar.

I hope I've helped, sorry if anything was unclear.
i listend to smakka. cool playing. i liked the change at 45 to heavy distorted guitar. im diggin this allot. great tone! this was good man, this could be a great song with lyrics and vocals. the weird thing is it almost seems complete without them. anyways nice job. i thought it was a little bit too short, but its just a work in progress. keep it up. i would love to hear this when its complete./

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Thanks for the replies guys. I did learn a bit of music theory, only a bit. And as far as envisioning what I want to play, for the most part that is what I do. I guess I just get a bit of a writers block. And chasepalmer, listened to your song, sounded great. But I posted in your thread so you can read it there. Thanks again guys.
I've uploaded a couple more songs if anyone is interested. =). I figure there's no need to make a new thread about it, so bump goes this one.
Thats actaully very cool, very relaxing at the beginning, then it slowly speeds up, good dynamics too, then it get heavy, I'm impressed, has alot better sound quality than most of my stuff, I just used a USB mic right up to my valveking and a basic sound recorder program.
Good stuff, when you do write music, dont just record it, write it down in tab form, then try to expand on it by playing the part you wrote down and basicaly improv from there till you find a riff that fits, then write it down.
Thanks for the positive feedback and tips. I appreciate it, man. And sorry to keep whoring it out, but I uploaded another version of RakkaSmakka and I added some layers to it. No new riffs though. =(. But I'm feeling a bit more confident, so hopefully there will be some soon. Also I have the other two things that I would like to get opinions on. Thanks guys. And ethan, I just used a Rock Band mic that I placed in front of my tiny little Line 6, haha. I just made sure the levels weren't red when I was playing. Though they still are at times.
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