I'm guessing garage band is just for mac and there's not one for windows, but what's a good equivalent (aside from audacity) that's free. I'm not liking audacity and garage band seems to get much better sounds for me, I just don't own it myself so I can't use it regularly (no one in the band has it either)
mixcraft 4, except it costs money.
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Search. There were a few suggestions.

sorry dude, i searched a couple of days ago and didn't find it i just didnt search again.
Trak Ax is sort of similar.

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Fruity Loops. I have FL Studio 8 XXL Producer edition and it is awesome
Also . . . Virtual DJ is amazing for messing around / remixing / Mashing up songs.
Unfortunately most of the decent ones for Windows cost a crap load though.
Need a website? I can make you one for pretty cheap.
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Unfortunately most of the decent ones for Windows cost a crap load though.

Meh to make money you gotta spend money..

Just use tuxguitar if money is out of the question . Seriously though i'm not aware if cheap programs, so i just use tux. Couldn't be bothered buying guitar pro either.
Sony ACID Music Studio 7. As an owner, it's excellent. The only reason I'm not using it is because my computer has a terrible soundcard so in addition to lag my recordings sound awful in comparison to my backing tracks.

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