This is something i've been working on for a while
i posted it a month ago, but it wasnt finilized
Hope u like it!
like the title said, i dont know what style it belongs, u may find it wierd, donno
What theme u think should the lyrics be about?
i'm open for suggestions, and crits (i really want to know what you didnt like)
thank you!
i'll do C4C

Edit: I need suggestion for the ending!

Edit2: tried a new ending...

Edit3: Added a keyboard solo!!
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thank you man!
it's been a while i haven't check this forum..
im a bit surprised, only got one response :s
i am serious about C4C guys!!
the only bad thing was the ending, (last bar didn't had an ending sensation) and i liked how your arpeggios are different from the ones in the rest of UG and your first solo ddoesn't enter like everyone enters their solos. The second solo was almost epic. About the genre, id say power ballad.

10x for the crit
yeah i guess ur right, im having some troubles ending this, any ideas?
ill C4C right away
Great great song.

Love the rhythm guitar, fantastic choice in chord progressions.

Solo guitar for the most part is superb as well, however there were times in the outro solo that I was finding you were hitting some really weird passing notes that I really didn't care for much.

The mixing could use some work too, panning the rhythm and lead guitars off to separate sides would help a lot. Raising the volume for the lead guitar and slightly lowering the volume of the rhythm guitar while leads are playing would also really help, since I often had trouble hearing the leads.

Other than that..... Resolve your song Ending the song on Em is just tense, and annoying.

Either way, seriously good song.
10x a lot
those passing notes was from the Dmin scale , wich i think it can "sometimes" be used while playing in Amin....
are they annoying cuz i really liked them? :S

and u're right, i've never worked on the mixing details...and i'm still not able to end this!!!

ill Crit your newest piece
The strings were kinda repetitive, the whole beginning, but the end was pretty epic. maybe add diversity to the rythme in the beginning. (I know what i mean i have a hardtime expressing myself :S) haha In all Awsome Job Bro
yeah maybe the strings are repetitive....its purpose is just filling the background!
anyway i added a keyboard solo...
I checked out your song - it's good, really good. I'd rather called it sad heavy-metal ballad. But...there is a BUT - solos, put it in distortion, 'cause acoustic just doesn't work. I do like your solos, sad melodic works great on this one. And one more thing : standart tuning is too weak, drop this song a full step down (DGCFAD) - and it'll be sounding more heavier and...more TRUE