people with youtubg accounts - please read!and even those who dont have an account!

ive made a music video for a competition for aussie musician josh pyke.
heres the link to the video:
the competition is being judged over the next few days, so id really, really appreciate it if everyone could watch the video, rate it 5 stars if you have an account, leave a comment and send the link to everyone you know! please!
post bulletins on myspace, start more threads, post blogs, send it over IM's, or even better: embed the video on your myspace, facebook, website etc!
thankyou so much for any help!
seriously, even if you cant be bothered to watch it, at least send the link to lots and lots of people! the winner for the video gets a fair bit of cash, and all of joshs eps and albums hand signed!
thanks heaps!

I'd look like an idiot sending this to all my friends.
Oh, you wouldn't want an angel watching over
Surprise, surprise, they wouldn't wanna watch