Hey pit, i need help.
I needa ticket to Parkway Drive in August at the Big Top Luna Park Sydney.
I was wondering if anyone had one they were selling?
Ill pay full price for it.
I did have one that my girlfriend had, but i dumped her yesterday (stupid i know, but i couldnt stand to be with her)
So if anyone has a ticket they dont want, and they will sell it. Ill buy it.

INB4: Parkway suck, your an idiot ect.

Also im not gonna get into why i dumped her.
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Why did you just make two identical threads?

And no.

2 identical threads cause i wanted one in the buy/sell part, for people who sell stuff, and one in the pit cause different people live in here, and i thought there were alot of metal heads in the pit.
Nothing like buying stuff from random people on the internet.
I will more than likely never return to any thread I post in, so don't bother replying to me.
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I dont know if that was an idea, but it made me thing to look in the classifieds of my local music magazines.
Thank you, also, im still looking if anyone has one, incase i dont find one.
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Could you get a mutual friend to retrieve the ticket/s for you?

I was thinking that, but i just sent her a message, sounding really desperate, and she said she doesnt hate me, and she was still gonna give me it for my birthday.
But im still a bit wary...
EDIT: Fine, i might as well tell, seeing as everyone will ask.
Numerous reasons. one was she was very very clingy and i never got space, even after i asked for it.
I had a strong feeling she was cheating, with some guy ive never met, who pierced her nipple, and i hated the nipple piercing.
And i ddint really have the same feelings for her.
And more, but i cant remember them all, there were alot of reasons.
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'Needa' is not a word

Unless of course you are talking about this fine gentleman.
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hard sciences don't have correct and incorrect answers actually
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i dont see why you can't just get it back from your ex....

I cant get the ticket,cause she got it for me and her for free.
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What do you say you sneak us some pics of that titty piercing?

Nah, i dont think shed like that, and i never got any pics cause its gross.
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'Needa' is not a word

Unless of course you are talking about this fine gentleman.

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I see them in Brisbane

Lucky bastard, but she said she was gonna give it to me for my birthday, so i guess i just have to wait till the 3rd of August to find out. The concert is on the 15th
Go to the parkway forums (if they have one) or something like that. Or ask around.
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