Hey guys, i need help.
I needa ticket to Parkway Drive in August at the Big Top Luna Park Sydney.
I was wondering if anyone had one they were selling?
Ill pay full price for it.
I did have one that my girlfriend had, but i dumped her yesterday (stupid i know, but i couldnt stand to be with her)
So if anyone has a ticket they dont want, and they will sell it. Ill buy it.

INB4: Parkway suck, your an idiot ect.

Also im not gonna get into why i dumped her.
Why'd you dump her?
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I just head-desked so hard I went through the floor and came out in Mongolia.
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Why'd you dump her?

Fine, i might as well tell, seeing as everyone will ask.
Numerous reasons. one was she was very very clingy and i never got space, even after i asked for it.
I had a strong feeling she was cheating, with some guy ive never met, who pierced her nipple, and i hated the nipple piercing.
And i ddint really have the same feelings for her.