So I'm studying for a Music Craft exam at the end of the year, and I came across this question in my book

what is 'chord figuring'?
I've never come across this before! at least not in this form.

I get a) and c) just not b)
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I presume the chord in bar 1 is 53,
bar 2 is 63,
bar 3 is 53,
bar 4 is 63,
bar 5 is 53?

-Cause they use the root, 3rd and 5th (or root 3rd and 6th)
Im not sure though, I have little music theory knowledge ;D
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Yeah, figuring refers to the note in the bass (or lowest note) and how the other notes relate to it. In root position the intervals are 3rd and a 5th making it 53. When the chord is in 1st inversion the intervals from the lowest note are a 3rd and a 6th making it 6(3). You can also put the chord in second inversion.
Hope this helped a little.