I am looking to buy a new cab sometime soon. I think I am going to get a custom Avatar cab, but I have no clue what speakers to put in it and what size to get. I live in an appartment right now and in a year from now I'll be transfering to another appartment at my next college. I wanna know what size is good for an appartment. I have a 2x12 right now and I don't ever get any complaint about noise so I am thinking of bumping up to a 4x12 and I want to put a THD Hotplate in the loop so I can push the tubes without blasting all of the windows out within a 5 mile radius. Also I can't decide on what speakers to put in it. I am thinking of a Celestion V30/G12T-75 combo in either the 2x12 or 4x12 since most bands I play and the tones I like come out of cabs with those speakers. I mainly play bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Death, and just thrash, NWOBHM, Speed, Prog, and some Death metal as well as rock, blues, and jazz so I need something that can do all of those and not break up on me when I crank the distortion. Basically I have no clue want I want other than the fact that I like the V30s I have in my cab now but I want to expand my sound. Also I am running a Peavey JSX 120W head.
Avatars are great.
My speaker selection may not work for you but V30s are certainly are very popular.
People mix those 2 with success I believe.
Personally, I wouldn't get a 4x12 for your situation.
I have a 212 oversized with closed back (G12H30 and Lead 80)
Personally, I wouldn't use a Hotplate.
Otherwise, I think you are on track.
Good luck.

Other cabs to look at might me Mesa, Mills, Vadar, Splawn, etc.

Also, don't forget Orange cabs!


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i feel like a lot of the time a 2x12 is really all that is needed. 4x12s look cool and can really help spread out your sound, but at the same time they are heavy and most people dont really need to push that much air. but that speaker combo sounds like a good one. it is popular because the two speakers complement each other well. looks like you are on the right track.
Yeah I might just stick with a 2x12 with a V30 and a G12T-75, but whats wrong with a hotplate? Does it suck the tone?
Well I do not get any complaints now because I don't push the volume past 3 and I use the volume pedal feature on my GT-10 as a way to cut the noise down, but if a hotplate can push the tubes at lower volumes then I thought I might give it a try.