So i've had my bass for a while now,it's a vintage warp axxe, and i've been thinking about replacing the strings. Could any1 tell me which would be the best to get?

also,does any1 know the bass part for the drum/bass solo in roses for the dead (where evrything else goes quiet apart frm the drums + bass) as this is the only incorrect part in the tab i have for it.

any help would be much appreciated.thanks.
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k thanks.
But,WOW are those DR's expensive as when compared to the Rotosound strings! lol
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k thanks.
But,WOW are those DR's expensive as when compared to the Rotosound strings! lol

Yes, but then again. I have around 10 months with some DRs in my Wick and still growls like a puppy, yes they are dead as hell, but even dead they sound great.
ok,this will probably seem stupid but i've never replaced the strings on my guitar before so im not entirely sure which guage to buy. most places come out with 2 different types (40-60-80-100 or 45-65-85-105). I know i say i've had my guitar for a while but i've only been playing it on/off,hence my being somewhat inexperienced in this area lol
Either one of those will work fine for standard tuning, the .100 will be a bit easier to bend though. At the same time it would be easier to down tune to drop D or D standard if you ever liked to with the .105 set thanks to the extra string tension.

Just depends on how much tension you might want to feel.

Also, if your not entirely sure about how to change your strings theres a few guides on the net, all you need to do is google.
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What type of sound do you want? The DRs and Rotos mentioned above are generally very bright sounding, whereas if you want a very deep and focused low end maybe flats would be better.
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i've heard that the DR's tend to lose quite a bit of that brightness after not too much playing and a friend of mine uses Rotosounds lol still quite confused but i may just go for the DR's lol