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What are some bands who really use and pull off having two vocalists, not just a singer and a backup, like two lead singers.

im thinking blink 182 here, like how on their albums there'll be one song with mark singing, then one with tom, then one where they sing half each. i really like this because it makes sure their albums aren't too repetitive.

just to clarify, i mean either a vocalist doing one song, and another doing the whole of the next OR both vocalists doing about half of each song. so pretty much bands where two vocalists sing fairly equally and it wouldn't just be considered backup vocals.
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The Lawrence Arms
Alkaline Trio

That's all I can think of right now.

Edit: Also Less Than Jake.

Double edit: Arcade Fire, too. Forgot about them.
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Opeth - April Ethereal
some nightwish
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Mastodon (some songs)
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Pure Reason Revolution are my favourite when it comes to multi-vocalist setups. I think pretty much everyone in that band sings. They're kind of like Pink Floyd with some electronica and alternative. I HIGHLY recommend that everyone check this band out.

Also Mastodon. Crack The Skye proves that even Brann Dailor can sing a bit. Troy and Brent are pretty decent too.

uneXpecT also uses a lot of interplay between male/female vocals, in a really interesting way.
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Elora Danan.
The Blood Brothers.
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Early Taking Back Sunday albums split the vocals fairly evenly.
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Blink 182 nftw
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the beatles
the scene aesthetic
fleetwood mac

and for all you pop lovers:
jonas brothers
metro station
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Jefferson Airplane
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Kiss uses two vocalists.

I can't think of any more.
Alice in chains if that counts
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Troy and brent both sing but sometimes brann and billy will sing as well.
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