Hey guys,

My name's Paul

I'm the guitarist in Neal Morse's band (Spock's Beard) and The Carl Palmer Band (Emerson, Lake and Palmer).

I'm just coming to the end of writing a tuition book which I'm going to publish and print myself.

The book is basically a collection of 'in the style of' analysis's of famous guitarists' styles and techniques. The book is based on a column I wrote for Guitarist magazine some years ago, entitled 'Rock Links'. The idea of the column was to show one guitarist's influence on another by analysing their style and highlighting their similarities whilst giving musical examples so that the reader could learn to play in the style of the featured guitarists. The book will also come with 2 CD's.

I'm posting here to see if anyone has any great photos that they've taken of any of the guitarists featured in the book...

Al di Meola
John Petrucci
Frank Gambale
Jason Becker
Alan Holdsworth
Joe Satriani (2 separate chapters devoted to him)
Jeff Beck
Steve Vai (3 separate chapters devoted to him)
Eddie Van Halen (2 separate chapters devoted to him)
Jennifer batten
Ron Thal (AKA Bumblefoot)
Thin Lizzy (Scott Gorham & Brian Robertson)
Brian May
Ritchie Blackmore (2 separate chapters devoted to him)
Yngwie Malmsteen
Eric Clapton
Nuno Bettencourt
Michael Schenker
Paul Gilbert
Jimmy Page
Joe Perry
Dave Gilmour
Steve Lukather

... If you do, and would be willing to let me use your photo(s) in my book, I'd make sure that you're credited with your name (and website, etc, if you want) and also send you a free copy of the book.

If you would be willing to have your photos appear in the book, I'd need to have hi-res versions of them.

Looking forward to hearing from you... I'm always a little nervous about posting my e-mail address on forums (for fear of spammers picking it up), but if you pm me, I'll gladly give you my e-mail address so we can communicate directly. Alternatively, you can contact me using the contact form on my website... http://www.paulbielatowicz.com

Thanks guys,


p.s. I just realised that I haven't mentioned that these photos must be photos that you've taken or own the copyright to - in order for them to appear in the book, I need to have permission from the copyright holder (that's usually the photographer).
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true, but still, huge fan xD
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Woh, steady guys,

I simply included the message on different sections of the forum as the book refers to different styles of guitar playing.

I'm not spamming, but trying to give everyone in the different sections of the board a chance to have their photos in the book... then I noticed the general Bands & Artists section underneath all of the catagories... so I posted on that too... woops

Anyway, no offense meant, I can see some people take things like that quite seriously 'round here... I'm new to forums.

yeah I noticed that, try the rules. I don't think you'll get crap for it this fast though, so no worries
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