After some investigation, I recently went out and bought a load of new effects pedals as I was previously using a multi effects and wasn't getting the tone I wanted.

So to start with I bought the following;

Jemini Twin Distortion
Vox Satriani Time Machine Delay/Echo
Vox Satriani Big Bad Wah
And I'm also still using my zoomII multi effects for EQ and some Compressor.

I'm running my Jackson DNKY through an OLD OOOLD Laney amp - I have to set the bass/mid dials to almost zero and the treb up high to get a decent distortion from the Jemini. The pickups are Duncan Design.

Can anyone tell me with the above kit where Im going wrong, I can't seem to get a decent distortion sound even with the gain and tone right up on the pedal. Also the sustain just isnt happening and pinch harmonics sound pathetic at best, like a baby farting.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the amp is the main culprit but I would still expect a better sound quality than I'm getting. Does anyone know how I can sort it out to get a decent solid sustainable tone?

Also I hear people talkign abotu loops etc etc and don't really understand all that, is there a particular order I should be running these pedals in? At the moment it goes; Guitar --> Distortion --> Echo/Delay --> EQ/Comp --> Wah --> Amp.

Thanks to all in advance for any help you can give................
it could be the Zoom effects and/or the quality of cables you are using. try to hook up your effects to another amp.
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i would try hooking up just the jemini straight to the amp. cut out the extraneous stuff to see where you are going wrong. set the amp up for clean (i guess) then dial in the pedal. setting the bass and mids to 0 and the treble up high is probably some of the problem though. try everything closer to 5, and then tweak from there. probably increase the treble and back the bass off some. however, if the amp isnt giving a decent base tone, then running the pedal on top of it isnt going to do wonders. but start with just the pedal and amp and see what you can get.

then add in the other effects one at a time and see if thats what is hurting the sound. i would put the wah in front of the distortion, then the other two pedals after. though the eq/compressor can really go anywhere in that setup.