Need of some recommendationsss really.
Dont know much about Acoustics, but I know i love them. ;D

The one I currently have is a Yamaha that i've added a 'Rare Earth' PUP onto, can't remember the model though.

My budget is about £300.
So if anyone has any recommendations, It'd be appreciated.
Thanks :]
Farida and tanglewood make some good acoustics. Not sure on models or anything, but I know people who have them and they sound gorgeous. Their acoustics cost around £200-£250.
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okay, thanks.

I'll check out some Tanglewoods, cause i know that there's a lot fo shops round here that sell THOSE!
thanks ;D
About half way down in this thread is a guide to buying a guitar. That should aim you at what qualities to look for. Also, the "Guitars Under $300" thread will give you some great brand and model suggestions. Happy hunting!