Ideas please.
Eq pedal ? Clean preamp pedal ? Modellers ?

Please advise
Run in stereo with another one of your amps???
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Not an option.

My only option at the moment is pedals like eq and the newer modelling stomp boxes like Boss Fender Bassman and Tech 21 Blonde Character set to a clean tone.

Was hoping someone would have a workaround.

Hmmm, maybe i'll be the one to come up with the breakthrough!
I think a chorus is about the best you can do...
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Unless its electronic drums.

An EQ would not improve the clean channel. It's more for distortion.

A chorus or delay or reverb is pretty much it as far as improving cleans go besides modding it.
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Run two amps into an A/B/Y
Roll back the volume knob and pick lighter
Compress it, but that gives a different kind of sound.
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