Hello guys!

I've been playing for about a year and i wanted a good second guitar(i have an ibanez starter pack).Looking at my actual budget(300-400 euros),i think i'll choose from these 2 guitars,

the RG350DX:

The SAS36FM:

I know that the main difference between these two is the Edge III trem that the RG has,but i'm not sure if i need a Floyd Rose tremolo system.

So,which one do you think is better?
what type of music do you play? and i would say if you aren't going to use the floyd rose then don't get it as it'll just end up as a burden
The RG. Even if you're not going to use the tremolo that much it will keep in tune Sooooo much better then the SAT Pro tremolo. The RG All the Way!
Personally id go for the SAS36FM.Iv played on one and its realy versatile. Looks nice too.
Don't get the RG if you think you won't need a floating trem. I got my omen 6 FR because I thought OMG FLOYD ROSE FOR CHEAP OMG. I never ended up using it except for random dive bombs which just made my windows shake and hurt my ears.
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both are good guitars. it all comes down to what feels better to you
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i have the sas36fm in red, great versatile instrument, can get a good variety of tones, get it if you want to play a variety of music, and if you're not a heavy user of the trem.
if you want locking trem cos you use it a lot/do divebombs, or if you're a metalhead, get teh RG. Just depend on what you'll be using it for