hahaha, lolz.

Anyway, it's NEW AMP DAY for me. Here's the opening process:

The box:

The box, opened:

Outside the box:

Gear Pic:

I've found the sound a bit bassy but with my GE-7 it gives a nice treble boost. I don't have the facility to make a sound pic, sorry guys.
Nice Parker

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i agree. i looked at the Parker more than the amp. nice Parker.

happy new amp day.
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i agree. i looked at the Parker more than the amp. nice Parker.


VERY high quality guitars. I currently have a P-42 that I'm holding for a friend and wow, it's a monster player.

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do you use all five buttons when you play THFAF? haha jk

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How are you going to play it though with all that junk on top of it?
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Nice Parker, nice Blackstar!

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Playing on some new gear....review to follow
you found the ht5 to be bassy? o.0 hnad. great little amps.
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