i looking for new single coil pick-ups but don't know what to get

lately i have trying to play led zeppelin and Hendrix stuff

what should i get ?

thnx in advance!
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We are going to need more information, such as what amp you have, budget, the guitar the pick ups are going into, and what you don't like about your tone. Anything else you can think think of will also help.
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i have a squire affinity series

and i have yamaha gig maker amp

the thing that i don't like with the current pick-ups is the buzzing and really sharp sound on higher frets

and im looking for something bluesy and something sounds good with distortion

i dont know how much pick-ups cost but i cant afford much !
"It's peace at last, or peace at least"
You'd need to replace that amp first, in order to make an actual difference on tone. I guarentee that with a nice amp you'd get the tones you want.
The annoying sound is probably either bad EQing (Too much treble), or a set up issue.
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... the reason their buzzing is because their single coils, new single coils won't help. A new amp would be your best solution.
Ah yes, I forgot about feedback. It's quite possible that the buzzing is just feedback from the amp. Step further away from the amp and see if it helps.
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence