I'm in the market for a new guitar

My last guitar was a Ibanez RG420EG for $600.

If so, Why?
I agree ICT cause i'm an Ibanez guy
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idk hard rock starting to get into metal like meallica and iron maiden, i also play some alternative, pnk rock, and clean songs. so i would say it should be a pretty versatile axe. iv'e been playing for 2 years
I'm moving this to Electric Guitar. Also, don't bump your threads.
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I say the LTD EC-1000. It's a great guitar, plays like a dream and is incredibly versatile. I especially love how its shaped like a Les Paul, but has a nice think neck that feels much quicker than a Gibson.

I think the ESP will be your best bet for versatility.
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Iceman all the way. Ive always wanted something from ibanez's x series, but im torn between the iceman and the xiphos
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i played an EC-1000 and it was amazing. i played it through some $400 peavy and it sounded great. the pickups were good with no extra noise. i'd say that'll be your best bet. btw the vintage black finish is really sexy in person