Haven't been here in dog's years. Basically, I wrote this about 6 months ago and could never be bothered to finish it. There are also some bits in it which I positively dislike (the chromatic descending thing... what the hell was I thinking) but I also think some bits are kinda cool. This was around the time I was toying with getting myself a 7, so I tried to put it to the best use I could. Enjoy!
Unfinished thingybob.zip
Its pretty good, I particually liked the part starting around bar 86
the only thing you might want to change is the ending, it doesn't really fit and sounds unfinished

do you mind CFCing my unfinished alt. rock song in my sig or my acousta-metalish song (labeled alt /hard rock song

edit: now it makes more sense, just label it unfinished so when people hear it they know its not done yet, just a tip if you don't post songs often
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It, uh, is unfinished

I'll crit yours and any others in a minute, I'm a lil' busy.