Hi there,
ive got my new acoustic yesterday and was wondering if i should have something done to it before playing it? Not that anything is wrong but since im new to guitar im not sure if its in the best condition it can be, the only thing that i noticed is that the frets (the metal bars themselves) are kinda rough. Any suggestions?
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What kind of guitar is it?

its a Vintage v900n

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If you don't want to/can't do that, here's some questions you might ask yourself:
Is the guitar comfortable to play?
Is the action (string height) too low/high?
Do any of the strings buzz when fretted?
Does the guitar stay in tune?
Does anything else sound/feel off?

If nothing seems wrong to you, I wouldn't worry too much, but still might not be a bad idea to check at your local store. Never hurts to be sure.

everything seems fine, the action acording to the info ive found seems right for an acoustic, no string buzz, the only thing i did notice is that the frets are kinda rough :p
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Oh, and welcome to the forums, onix45

oh and also, my fingers sweat a lot while i play, does this mean im cursed to have ugly gray strings? ive been playing for two days and the high e has already changed color pretty bad.