Alright guys. Say you have a decent guitar, you have a Line 6 Spider Half Stack (and you're sick of the muddy tone), and you've got around 500 dollars to spend to get a new set-up for your amp.
(You're not going to sell the Line 6)

You have no effect pedals other than a compression/sustain pedal, and you are wanting a Slash/Guns N' Roses sound, but also are wanting a modern/hard rock sound (Three Days Grace, Seether).

What do you buy?

List of Suggestions:
Traynor YCS50
Peavey Classic 30
Line 6 Pod X3
Peavey Vypyr

EDIT: I am gigging, so live use IS needed
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What genres do you play?
What sound are you looking for?
What effects do you own?
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Why dont you want to sell the Line 6?

You could sell the head and keep the cab, buy a head and then later upgrade the speakers in the cab.
Traynor YCS 50 used.
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Because, to be honest, I live in a small town, so it's hard to sell anything other then ebay, and when shipping something like that, it gets to be a pain with people on eBay, so I'd rather just keep it and mess around with it if I ever want to come back to it.
go buy a Used Classic 30 and call it a day
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Well, if you bump up your budget you could get a Traynor amp like Raijouta suggested. That could cover your styles pretty well. You wouldn't want to look back to be honest.
If you aren't gigging a Blackstar HT-5 would be good for home use. Or get a Line 6 Flextone III, do they come in head form?
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sell the Spider on craigslist for $1-200, upping your budget to 700. browse craigslist for a used JCM8/900 COMBO.


JCM 900 would eb a good idea. You can get them cheap used. I found one at my local pawn shop for $500. Didn't buy it though Its still there.

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I would try to get a Mesa Boogie Dual rectifier, because im sure if you looked hard enough you could find it in that price range
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"The sun is a sphere, not a cube."

I doubt I could find a Mesa Boogie Dual rectifier at 500