please excuse my ignorance... but would anybody be able to tell me if this guitar is indeed a fender telecaster or a knock off? i do not currently have the guitar in my possession so I am sadly not able to give you any additional information... thanks
moy tele.jpg
moy tele 2.jpg
LOL no real way to tell but I kinda hope it's a fake...... Poor Tele

EDIT: Try taking out one of the pots I know Gibson and Epiphone have branding marks on them?
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It looks fake.....It just doesn't look right.
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are you planning on buying it to fix it up? cause if you can get it for a price your happy with, then why care if it's a real fender or not?
It looks out of proportion, so probably fake. And it's in crappy condition.
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is it worth $40, and where should I get a neck and electronics

Your local music supplies might stock them, and while you're at it you should pick yourself up a guitar

haha nah props to ya if you are willing to tackle a fixer-upper like that!
If you can see it before you buy, look at the wood, in the neck pockets and whatnot, if it's not ply or agathis or something, then it doesn't matter if it's a Fender, identify the wood and it could be worth it.

I bought a nice basswood strat body for only £15 once, doesn't matter the brand