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Mountain Dew
9 13%
17 24%
5 7%
15 21%
16 23%
8 11%
Voters: 70.
Fuck soda, that shit kills you.
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Diet coke. Then Dr. Pepper. Then Pepsi, i dont know about anyone else but that stuff gives me bad guts..
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What The Fück is Mountain Dew...?
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Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
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What The Fück is Mountain Dew...?

Mountain: 1. a natural elevation of the earth's surface rising more or less abruptly to a summit, and attaining an altitude greater than that of a hill, usually greater than 2000 ft. (610 m).

Dew:1. moisture condensed from the atmosphere, esp. at night, and deposited in the form of small drops upon any cool surface
Why would you put alcohol up there? It's obviously gonna win. This board is made up of a bunch of 13 year-olds...
I like all the sodas listed in the poll. I'm also a fan of root beer, specifically Barq's. Birch beer is also good. There's like, a gross of soda in my fridge from my graduation party/4th of July picnic, so I've been drinking way too much lately.
We call it "Pop" here in Michigan. haha

And I would like a Pepsi.
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I love taking a nice dip of some horse shit, so good.
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1.We call it "Pop" here in Michigan. haha

And I would like a 2.Pepsi.

1. I also calls in pop. I'm from Canada
2. I call Pepsi "piss" cause that's what it is

and Jones rules
No root beer here?
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deanwad could be right, actually.

98% of teens have been around or have had alcohol. Put this in your sig if you like bagels.
And where is the option for Nuka-Cola and Nuka-Cola Quantum? This poll is skewed.
fanta orange yeya.
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just a few of my fans..

I am a chronic sodaholic, I've only been alive for about 16 years and my kidneys have already gone through most of their life expectancy.
Dr pepper is delicious, but when I can I like to mix a lot of different ones together.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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