Now that i have a new guitar and a good tube amp there is only one thing left to add in the equation.

A good Fuzzzzzzzz, (and maybe a new distortion pedal but will depend how i feel after i purchased the fuzz)

i play mainly some early 90s Grunge and alternative + alot of noise rock (Scratch Acid, The Birthday Party kind of shiz)

i dont really have a budget... ( i want to have a really good one, if its not to expensive it would be awesome tho)

i was thinking either about the

Big Muff,

Fuzz Face


Fuzz Factory ( i know this prolly doesent fit perfectly with grunge and alternative but i could see a ****load of posssibilities in noise rock departement)

if you have anymore recomendation im really open.
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have you been playing for two weeks?

go get a squier....

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I'd say you can save some money by going with a Dano Cool Cat fuzz. It is probably better for alternative type stuff than fuzz face type stuff. Light fuzz with single notes creates a nice smooth lead tone, then crank the fuzz and pick harder and it becomes more distortion like. It gets very close to the QOTSA fuzz sound from "Go with the Flow." For $30 you can't go wrong, I love mine. It has a HUGE low end just FYI.
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