I find pictures of myself in solidarity. The exposure shows integrity but they fade w/o you. I'm trying to stand still but the tide is growing u lowered the waters. They'll never recede.

And I will never know your propensity for feeling b/c your eyes forgot to say your motivation was me. And you always found some humilty in losing when it all falls down where it prospers inspiration from me.

Take a good hard look at wat it meant to be whole with imitation, slowly fleeting, sincerly drifting away. Drifting with our broken hearts, suppresses motives and depressing aspiration.

I guess were all taking one last chance so make this last one for me.

Those lies you always told were so beautifully brazened when they sunk down through the water they were drenched in conciet. But still always through your nature and your reason you were crawling, you were stealing amnesty found in me.

This goes beyond our emotions that have pulled through the clouds above our heads with our ambitions wasting away. You put the voice back in this chest but took everything. Take away this trust we've both endured as boundless as the sky.

The waters rising you can't stand the truth and your bodies crying for me to bring you through this hell i know to well.

All I have left is wealth experience. Faith in memories.

I'll give you what I have then turn around.

For you I'll stay though my confidence is leaving.
As i wonder what you meant apathys laid out for me. This hope that we have sown so persistent and redeeming lacks devotion resilence. Compassion turned into hate.

Our flags of trust have flown so gloriously and our ships sank. Pressed against and painted on this nights sky.

If I close my eyes and give you one last chance, would you be my bride? Will this be our break through? Cause i would'nt regret any inch of your emotion and i would'nt regret any inch of your devotion.

Assuming we both fall apart, they sank before the chance to sail home.

the end

btw its a metal song