Hi all,

My band (Counsellor Finley) have fulfilled the long-ellusive task of finding a bassist that fits our dynamic, and are now attempting to promote ourselves, and get feedback.

We've actually recorded an album, which you can listen to most of on www.last.fm/music/counsellor+finley (where you can also download two of our album tracks for FREE) and also on our myspace (www.myspace.com/counsellorfinley).

Would really appreciate any feedback, or advice. We're from Brighton, and are looking to 'gig' as much as possible in the coming months, so, I guess, watch this space...

Cheers folks x
Nah none of us are at bimm. What do you think of the stuff? Why, are YOU at bimm?
Myspace link has a parenthesis in it.
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Nah none of us are at bimm. What do you think of the stuff? Why, are YOU at bimm?

Nah i was just wondering cause a lot of the bands that I hear coming out of ACM have a very similar song writing style to each other, but I haven't heard any bands out of BIMM so I was just curious!

I thought overall the songs were pretty decent, there was quite a nice mix of different feels to the riffs- the main influences that i thought I heard would be reuben, early manics and probably a bit of nirvana. I think my one criticism would be that you might play the "unexpected chord" card a bit too often, to the point that after a couple of tracks in you expect the unexpected chord- the nirvanaish aspect of it sort of loses the maturity that i find in the other sections of the songs- but the reubenish bits kick lots of ass!

I hope that makes sense :S
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Hi guys, I really liked your music. It was good. It was pretty characteristically grunge, but I thought it was great still. I see you have a link to a website domain. Do you actually have a website besides a myspace? I could build you one for free that you could put up on that domain. If you check out that link in my sig, you can see my other work. If you're interested just let me know.