New to the forum and have been playing guitar properly for a few months.

I often play in drop C or sometimes drop D, but find it difficult to tune perfectly as my tuner doesn't accomodate for anything but regular tuning. I can tune to anything using my current tuner but can't get it as perfect as I'd like.

Is there any type of tuner on the market that allows for drop C or D tuning much easier than having to improvise or accomodate.

apart from effects pedals/stations etc
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Korg Pitchblack does everything, top pedal and don't have to make any adjustments for drop tunings.
Any decent tuner can do this, except for many tuners you get in starter packs
Just go to a music store and get anything in your price range (over €15,- that is)
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any chromatic tuner


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thanks for the help guys, any other suggestions are welcome. I just find it frustrating having to use my decent tuner and having to adapt to drop C or D it sounds a bit lazy but even when I do it it sounds off , but I think a better tuner just may be the answer.
Vypyr on-board tuner.

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