I'm considering audition for my schools jazz band next year as a guitar player. Unfortunately, I havelittle experience with the genre, so I'm going to be spending the entire summer studying and playing jazz. What should I be focusing on? What should I be studying? I'm considering audition for my schools jazz band next year as a guitar player. I'm flunent with the modes of the major scale, the pentatonic scale, the harmonic minor scale and Major/Minor/Dom7/Maj7/Min7/Min7b5/Dom9 chords. I'm well versed in theory, and I have no problem reading standard notation.
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check out my jazz tab and ill gladly do a review of any of your stuff

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The only advice as a seasoned player that I can get other than usual practice is to listen to jazz. All kinds of it. Especially the standards.
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I played in my schools jazz band the last two years. The chords you know are sufficient. When there was a chord I couldn't play straight away like a 13th or something I just played a 7th and nobody noticed.

I don't know what sort of jazz you'll be playing but we did things like "All of me", "the sesame street theme", "st. louis blues" and "Watermelon man". Have a listen to some of that stuff. I can't imagine a school's jazz band playing anything free form or too different from this sort of stuff.

Oh, and all the stuff we played came from this book called "the real book". It's a collection of jazz standards such as those above. You could get one and learn a few songs to audition with. I used "All of me" for my GCSE ensemble performmance
You could try learning chords, understanding the songs form and learning some basice theory will help you to know where are you. I think that once that you've got that, you'll need to put in order with your scales knowledge