Hey guys, my budget is between 1500 dollars and 2000, and I wanted to buy a nice guitar for that price, maybe an Ibanez or an ESP, or PRS.
Which do you recommend?
Thanks and sorry for my English, I'm Italian, but I'll buy the guitar in the USA.
I recommend you check out caparison guitars. Don't go for Ibanez, most of their high-end guitars feature crappy trems. I don't know much about PRS, so I'm gonna shut up about that. And if you go for ESP, for the love of god, don't go for a signature model.

I'm guessing you play metal, btw?
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fender american deluxe, what kind of music do you play

he is looking for a prs, esp or ibanez so that suggest he plays metal.
for the money you are looking to spend i would have a look at the esp standard series or ibanez prestige.
yeah, metal and metalcore mainly. I was tempted by the ESP kh-2 but from what you've told me ESP signature series aren't that good.
Can you suggest me some good ESP standard models? Not the Viper, I already own the Gibson SG
I was just looking at the ESP Eclipse-II FR, I like it, but I fear that the neck might be a little too "fat". Can anyone tell me how is the Eclipse's neck?
Thanks again
Good choice. The Eclipse and Horizon models are both very good. I have an LTD GUS-600 and the neck is thicker than an Ibanez's, but still very comfy. Its about the same but the Ibanez necks are really flat on the back while ESP's keep some of the curve on the back. I like the thin U-shape mine has, but I've never tried an Eclipse. A lot of people say they are really good, though. If you get an Ibanez Prestige with an Edge Pro II trem, those are very good, too. I like the RG's because they look cool and play really well too. I also know my cousin has a 94 PRS Custom 24 that he loves. Had it for 4 years and hasn't bought another guitar since then. Its got a thicker neck and a bit bigger/heavier body but is very nice too. The thing there is it's not a lock trem, but it does have locking tuners which help. They sound a bit deeper than the other brands I've tried. I know his one complaint is that the new ones are all factory made and aren't as good as the old hand made ones.
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ok i'll go with the eclipse i think.
Thanks to all of you.
If you have other suggestions, keep them coming
are you located in italy? just wondering as most stores may not shop to italy due to your postal services losing packages regularly (from what i hear)

anyway the eclipse neck is not thin it's fairly chunky in the middle of the carve with a thin u shape. if you can i would highly recommend you to try out an eclipse before you buy it as they feel a bit odd especially if you prefer a super strat style guitar.