I was at a C.A. music house yesterday and i found a Martin D12-28 New...Remember New, for Only 600$. The body is perfect no warping around the Bridge and the neck is as straight as i could wish. I asked the clerk if the price is right and he said it is. Before i buy this Amazing deal, Do you guys thing there could be anything thing majorly wrong that i am missing, or is it simple a case of mislabeling.
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well, this sort of thing happened with my friends les paul and that turned out fine . Unless there is some hidden flaw that only the most knowledgeable of guitar techs could find, I would say buy it.
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Check the underside of the soundboard for repairs if possible (use your hand if they let you loosen the string or a small mirror and a light in the worst case scenario), while you're in there check the inside of the body as well. It's often much easier to see repairs from the inside so you might as well give it a shot. Bring a friend to hand you a few guitars with your eyes closed and see if you can pick out the Martin or at least rate it high without knowing which one it is because it could be a dud or a copy. Check each fret to make sure it's level without buzzing (both by pressing and a visual inspection). Check the play in each tuner, are the frets seated properly, are there spaces between the fingerboard and the neck, same with the binding, etc. Basically give it a thorough inspection. Ask the guy at the store to see if you can check the truss rod by loosening it a quarter turn and then putting it back up if you really want to. Realistically the blind test should tell you if it is worth your money. Does it sound and feel like a $600 plus guitar. If it does and you can't see any structural flaws then grab it. If I bought a Gibson knockoff for $600 and it sounded and felt as good as a Gibson to me I would still be glad with the purchase.
Well it seemed Nice i could not see any places where they were repaired. I did rate it high and i seems to be good. I think i will buy it. Martins are my favorite guitar so it is going to be a great day when i get it:-)
Aum Mani Padme Hum-Avalokiteshvara
(Om jewel in the lotus Hum)
will do.
Aum Mani Padme Hum-Avalokiteshvara
(Om jewel in the lotus Hum)