I own two guitars my new (ish) Gibson SG Special Faded, and my first guitar, some cheap strat replica.

The strat easily will do pinch harmonics, with any trouble..however the sg makes playing pinch harmonics difficult, the usually comes out dull, or not even harmonic. and yet the strat produces nice harmonics everytime.

So, how can i fix this, can i adjust the pickup, which ive already done...or is it the strings?
Do the two guitars have different scale lengths? Having a different length of string is going to move where the nodes are.
well, the gibson is 24.75 and the strat is 25.5, but i don't think that's the issue rele. Because when i do get a harmonic it's kinda quiet and not striking, like on the strat where it stands out.

obv overall the sg is far superior
It's all technique pretty much and you are just biased on how to handle the Strat I would say. You are still getting the "grip" on the SG and you'll just need practice.
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just had a bit of a fiddle, and seems that the neck pickup, is producing better sqealies than the bridge. is there any way im able to maximise the effectiveness of the pickups. To be honest, i think the bridge pickup may be a bit dodgy, cos it every now and then buzzes, and goes quiet and clean
The Pinch harmonic position on the bridge is different for most guitars if that's the case try to find that sweet spot or adjust the truss rod a bit